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>> this is "al jazeera." >> hi and welcome to the news hour. i'm steven cole in doha. coming up -- dozens of people including women and children are reported to have been massacred in syria. a millionaire businessman becomes paraguay's next president as his closest rival concedes defeat. new images of a final hiding place of a second boston bomber suspect is responding to questions in the hospital. , the boston rt
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bombers lived in a hidden conflict from the eyes of the world. > but first, forces loyal to the syrian regime are accused of killing at least 80 people in the suburb of the capital damascus. the victims were shot dead over several days. women and children are reportedly amongst the dead. and that follows criticism of a u.s. pledge to send more nonlethal aid to syrian rebels. our correspondent reports. >> activists are calling it a massacre and they accuse government troops of killing dozens of people southeast of damascus. reports suggest that government soldiers took control of the town after five days of fighting with rebels. activists say some bodies were mutilated, others short science
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f beating and covered with blood. >> syrians television shows picture where people were celebrating the army's victory over terrorists. >> we were living under fear. we couldn't eat or sleep. it was like a slow death. >> it was tough living under the armed gangs. now thank god we feel sache and secure under the syrian army. >> and in damascus rebels say they've hit military buildings with mortars. diplomatically the syrian opposition has failed to give the military aid it desperately wants. u.s. secretary of state john kerry has pledged more nonlethal aid. >> the united states in fulfillment of our obligations with respect to supporting the opposition are committed to
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doubling our nonlethal aid and to giving much of that to local leaders who are trying to lay the groundwork for a stable and democratic future. but that promise is not enough. >> people are frustrated. and you can present that. when somebody sees his children killed it's difficult for me to tell him, you're kind of getting defensive equipment. you can't be receiving nitrogen goggles and body armor. weapon can't justify them from other people. >> now the opposition has other problems to worry about because the leader of the national syrian coalition has confirm his resignation. he says he no longer wants to post but wishes to remain a member of the opposition body. now they need to approve his resignation. >> brian sayers is from the
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u.s. base syrian support group which raises nonlethal aid for the syrian rebels. he says it's still possible the u.s. will provide military assistance to the opposition. >> i'm not going to rule out that there wouldn't be a no-fly zone. in fact, what i do believe is that this is -- these are the official initial steps towards getting a more robust aid lethal getting more support. maybe that would be done through some kind of nato agreement. although nato has said that they'd be reluctant to do that without a u.n. agreement. i'm not going rule it out. but what i can say is we are seeing the first trenches, if you like, of nonlethal aid that will go out very, very soon. symbolically it's very important because it is the first time it will go direct to
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the supreme military council. there's been all kinds of humanitarian aid delivered visa vie the u.n. but this is the first time that it's direct from the united states to the supreme military council. >> paraguay's electoral board has declared a millionaire man the new president. his opponent conceded defeat. he lost elections in 2008. >> the two candidates divided the majority of votes cortez eceiving 45.9% compared with 36.8% for alegra. organizers said participation was under 70% of around 3.5 million registered voters. eric farnsworth is the president of the council of americas and the latin american policy. he joins me now from
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washington, d.c. can you begin by giving us some context for this election? seemingly vital election if paraguay was going to restore his democratic credentials. >> well, there's an important election. i think that the result really wasn't unexpected. people expected that candidates, cortez would be the victor and indeed he seems to have been. but this is an important election because it restores the democratic process that some would say was interrupted when president lugo was impeached by the congress and president franco who's in power now took over. so paraguay was sent out of una sur which was suspended in terms of its membership of the common market of the south led by brazil. so this is an opportunity through the democratic process to restore its credentials and to restore to the good standings of the hemisphere
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community. >> why did people from paraguay vote for him? >> there's a certain familiarity with the colorado party. they had been in party in 2008. in paraguay there's a certain sense that stability of the country was in question due to some of the political transitions that had been ongoing over the last three, four, five years. in some cases people voted for a return to what they knew. but president elect cortez also promised a new transparency, an attack on corruption, a new focus on education, some of the things that the people of paraguay were really longing to hear. the question is, can he deliver? >> deliver on what? on beating crugs, improving the economy? -- on beating corruption, improving the economy? >> it seems like it.
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the colorado party was known for it there is a bit of an image problem. he is a business person. even though he's part of the colorado party, he's new to it. and he really comes from the outside. they think perhaps that he has as good of a chance as any to make good these promises against corruption, more transparency, more inclusiveness, an attack on poverty all of the things that in latin america today are on the tips of people's tongues. many thanks for joining us, eric. >> tharpgs for having me. >> polls in the ivory coast where people have been voting to elect hundreds of mayors and local counselors. it is the first major vote since thousands of people were illed three years ago. >> the last time asar decided
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to vote, that was when the presidential election was disputed. but it hasn't put him off voting for a new mayor and local counselors where he lives in the neighborhood of abajon. >> i am very relaxed. and i am at peace and i'm going to vote for my candidate. >> there are nearly 30,000 competing for the position all over ivory coast. >> the number of people voting in the polling stations that we visited seems be low. some are staying away because they're worried about violence. others say voting makes no difference to their lives. the u.n. has 10,000 peacekeepers but if there's violence, it will not get involved because doing so is not part of its mandate. and the vote is being looked after by most people which makes some people worried.
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and the two main political parties that are running candidates in this election are already partners in the rooting coalition, but people find it hard to know the difference between the policy. the president of the ivory coast did show up to vote for his local representative to boost the chances of candidates running under his party. it seems that there are not many people voting. do you think they have confidence in the process? >> oh, yeah, of course this process is very transparent. it's very fair. and i think clearly when elections have been reported, delayed on several o cases, people might think maybe this is not the right time. but i'm confident that people will vote and the turnout will be all right. >> despite the issues, the candidates who win these elections can make a difference in people's lives. >> some people don't want peace but i'm an optimism, i want peace. i want a job. i want development for my
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country because i think if we have peace our future will be bright. >> the result from these elections are expected on monday. and it's how the public reacts then that will show if these lections have been successful. >> the bombing suspect is responding to questions but is unable to speak. he has a throat wound and is using written communication with investigators in the hospital. more details have emerged of the moments leading up to the suspect. the he was found in a garden in a backyard. >> kimberly has the latest on the investigation. >> at the boston hospital where guarded. his condition is serious and that's delaying the
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questioning. police arrested him on friday. he was found bleeding after an intense manhunt. police believed there was an intent to carry other attacks. >> based upon the explosions, the explosive and the fire power that they had that they were going to atk other brothers. his brother was killed on friday in a gun battle with police. two years ago he was questioned by the f.b.i. over concerns he may have had ties to armed groups. >> they had information from a foreign intelligence service that they were concerned about his possible radicalization. >> it's not clear when tsarnaev might be charged. the boston marathon bombings killed three pime and wounded 180. he is suspected of killing a police officer and injuring another. among the federal charges he could use is use a weapons of
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mass destruction. if convicted he could face the death penalty. but capital punishment in massachusetts has been abolished. it's yeat complication in this case. some republican law markes said tsarnaev should be declared an enemy combatant and the case ve to a military tribal in guantanamo bay. >> he is an american citizen. he is responsible for a crime here in america. but i trust the attorney general to make that call and make it wisely. and that decision cannot be made until a team of special investigators speaks with tsarnaev. it's an interrogation which seems may still be delayed for some time. >> thousands of runners in the british capital in london have
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paid tribute to the victims of the bomb explosions. the london marathon began with a moment of silence to commen rate the attack in boston. and they expressed their support of families of the killed and injured as security was increased for the race. >> there's a case due to be eard for an person who insulted the king. >> and we'll have the late frest india where there were more vigils and protests of the alleged rape and torture of a 5-year-old girl. and it's for footballer for an appetite of destruction, biting off more than he could choose perhaps. ore details on that coming up.
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>> rescue teams are struggling to bring aid to a 6.6 magnitude earthquake. thousands have been injured or displaced. kevin is from the international federation of the red cross. he joins me now on the line from luchan. give us an idea what conditions are like there. >> the earthquake has caused a very serious building collapse and dozens are injured according to the government been ports there have 10,000 injured. and most -- almost -- buildings have been damaged. some old buildings have collapsed.
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so the construction is consider -- construction damage is considerable. and teams from the red cross and from other agencies have arrived here. they are -- they have already started registering work from the day before yesterday. and to know that it's becoming better. but no, i'm heading for bojan township which is nearby and the roads were just cleared yesterday. and they are expecting that there would be some injured people there. so i am heading there with a red cross volunteer team. >> kevin, can i just interrupt you for a second? i wonder what effect these aftershocks are having on the rescue and the aid operation.
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>> can you three point again? >> the aftershocks. are they hampering -- your assistance operation? >> it is the aftershocks that presented a big challenge for the rescue operation. there have been 2,000 -- more than 2,000 after shocks since the earthquake happened. yesterday when i was with a were very am, they serious because the collapse of the house and the injured one. luckily -- women and transfer her to the house. >> and are you managing, kevin to get supplies through to those who need it? >> it's very challenging.
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it's very difficult due to the geography. but china's red cross is working very hard to get all the supplies back. 2010 his morning nearly and there's food. water. medicine. they say it's getting better day by day. >> many thanks for you kevin to join us. >> thanks if the concerns. >> in bahrain police have spread tear gas for people. tensions do pose a serious threat to stability there. >> this is video from a group calling themselves freedom to stand. it's an area on the west coast of bahrain where they've seen protest and violence.
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it seems the police used stare gas. according to the information inister, it's a tactic use for terrorists. >> there is no use to use bombs against people. the terrorists on the street bombs. wing off molotov the police is using tear gas. there's been security over the 4-1 race. we can. and signs of unrest. the head of formula one said that the race had become a platform for program to continue. and that they have. >> people are being demanding reform and democracy in bahrain for more than two years. the government insists these are terrorists. they've been trained by the
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lebanese shiah group, hezbollah. many say people should get involved in ongoing talks and not resort to violence. the ruling family needs to take part of the dialect. but the crown prince of bahrain said there will not be enough program for him to take the part. it's this kind of stalemate that has pro-democracy protest. and a strong replay to get people off the streets. >> an appeals court is due to hear the case of an opposition leader who's been the center of a political standoff in the gulf state. they were sentenced for five years. and we report from cue wait city. >> receiving a hero's welcome. this is the scene that sent him home on friday when the opposition leader made his first public appearance since he was sentenced to five years
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in jail. the conviction is for a speech given by the four men last year which he accused of wealth. g the personal the opposition rejects. ♪ >> there have been several large demonstrations here over the past few months. with protests they're demanding .eform and then a physician on more than one occasion, the demonstration turned violence with security forces firing tear gas, sound grenades >> and it's no use. with the excessive use of force
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against a civilian. earlier this year, particle menltary elections were boycotted by the opposition. and there are those bhow believe that bark do not have his interest at heart. there wouldn't be any healthy dialogue. i mean, we welcome -- we would welcome such dialogue. sbu the man just keeps giving excuses for no reason. keeps erupting issues saying that we are deprived. >> of what? none. >> can you stace it? >> no. can you put an evident for what you call has been an angel. none. brbarac's ill hear ppeal on monday.
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it seems that it's more difficult than overthrowing it. >> the case exemplifies. if he wins he's appeal on his company. en that's good -- also allowing them to raise their demans. if he wins his appeal. facing government is more violent opposition. >> the u.s. has a multibillion dollars arms deal with veam and some are sent to send a me sadge there. we didn't visit any other schools. iran's nuclear program is still a threat. from jerusalem here's simon mcgregor-wood. >> it looks like a very important arm package. on the face of it going through the list of things that chuck hagel
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is bringing with him in this bundle dale. some of the things that they would like is to get their hands on. to give the natch cal strike against iran's nuclear facility. refueling plains but of course maybe their long rain air strike that much more potent. person y crab would make the retrieval much easier. so clearly as defense secretary chuck hagel said, the defense message is designed to the military option is very much on the table. chuck hagel was talking to defense reporters traveling with him over night to israel. he briefed them. he said there's know differences between the u.s. and opposition.
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both countries are in their lock step. he did except -- there was some difference in the timing of when the iranians crossed back. and clearly that will be the certain of their discussions with the prime minister to the key figures he's meeting. some convergence. some of the rhetoric that you think from hagel all night long sucting that the -- and it's if equipment and for the toughening of the rhetoric. she has the trying defend herself, to take its own ecision according to its own table. >> demonstrations began over the aleced kedge nap, rap and torture of a five-year-old
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girl. >> many demonstrators are angry. the case was touched raw nerves in indian society. angry protestors gary it side the home of sewn yeah gandy. -- sonia gandy. >> many are sbging to useful. opening about these pictures at all. the latest incident involves the kidnap, torture of a 5-year-old girl is particularly vicious. a man in his 20's have being arrested. >> there have been 157 case of gang rape and more what is the commissioner of dely doing? >> the demand removal of the personal condition. there is no other punishment
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for him. >> if a crime's committed with impunity. and the slow pace of justice, the victim. the politicians speak louder than words is what people wants. >> having special obligation to robert >> in december, the death of a young woman after she was gang aped let to a nigse wide protest. people convicted racists and a e home in y got th cases of remember. that's paying very little after her two day doctors say his life is no longer in danger. >> it's been described as an
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act of tree some. still to come how an agreement between sherve yeah and wants to increase relation. t a lot history of seg gated poms that divided our small town. >> djokovic finally hits the ackpot in monte clack pot. -- monte carlo. jackpot.
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>> it's time to recap the top stories on "al jazeera." forces loyal to the syrian government are accused of killing around 80 people in damascus. the opposition is describing it as a massacre. paraguay's electoral board has declared millionaire businessman the head of the ruling liberal party conceded defeat a short time ago. alec gra said his party couldn't close the gap. emergency have emerged leading to the arrest of the suspect. media reports say he's sponls responding to questions.
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> the brothers spent some time in pakistan. people are trying to bring an nd to that conflict. >> deep inside the mountains of dagistan a large scale operation by hundreds of special forces have been under weight for the last 11 days. >> as they tried to move into the village of gimmory they men. ngaged killing three every family was there in order to leave -- gun point more than 5,000 people. if anything it's been sealed off a large call of automatic apons and ammunition was discovered.
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ey have a name for this sort of counter terrorism carried out by their special. they call it the cleaning. in ramabding village they pound some of the residents. gathered together forced to leave everything behind it was only the good will of their neighborhoods that was giving them. the authorities have given them nothing. it wasn't an evacuation. we ran away. [speaking foreign language] >> my name has this completely demolished. they had no connection to the terrorists. her son died when he was young.
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>> a handful of individual ladgers were found. they said all their livestock had been killed and their apricot trees explained. i don't know how they will survive. news of this war hardly ever reaches the sound big world. >> david chater, "al jazeera." thousands of people have as protestors say i should and not the peopleer leet. this core litigation government can be held in the last twoer days. political two blocks of political sidewalk.
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her main properties are to reform the banking and how indepartment it was. it needs to be done as soon as .ossible to avoid one country that was able to void a massive starts. it's expected on monday from an thans here's john sur rip. gambling is a greek on situation. it's one of europe's biggest market. but now this book is now up for sale at the command. the state's one 40 street. and a drop in the bucket.
11:35 pm
they're trying to win the money for a ticket to visit her children forced to wwe by the children. she's against sell off. >> greenbays are cleaver and hard working and gradually we will manage to close off our ebt es we ant sell them. p is the tip of the iceberg. even it's public power corporation. six mill along with the olympic societies and screen is bigger her. there has been snow for almost there were 100,000 properties which some
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estimate at $400 billion enough to wipe off the entire debt. even that process refuses to take off. agency ry tiization has increased two children come and go. it's his job to bring him three $3 this year. but he says that is the loseen of concerns. frank just that a tiny of the wealth that's going to be created through developing this asset. to i'm observing 1e7bs of thousands of jobs. you are bringing a lot of people from and from abroad. e greeks we don't have any go. he face as formidable head wind of and perhaps the biggest
11:37 pm
challenge to keeping the crash. >> it's been describe as an act of tree some. they intended improving relations. our correspondent reports from belgrade. >> well, the serbian i'm proud of there, we'll be back. instead she was confronted by some of heifer angry ser john boyfriends. this man is asking for all this. what if he faces common lee. they were saying gold, you sold out. already >> $numerous capitals happening on monday and suns. these people are trying to get it done early. and the parliament until not receiving the real do.
11:38 pm
they seeveb seal take that they were betrayaled. and the act of treason. almost all the people were not cues. their forces are loud. >> thousand sands of specials. they didn't use nay son every. give to somebody else. don't think he's has it's called democratic. the feeling of being betrayed serves. onger monk and what their next steps will be. but their leader are hinting that they won't except it. he's having to deal with similar opposition. hi calls an energy policy meeting to decide about the sense of the dial.
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it's calling catches signature and those who are being interest. nsm the meantime you have to happy were going ith laundries. >> tens of thousands of people have rallied in the hungarian capital, puta best. they're rarely attracted a larger crowd over here. many say because of the always there and got an extra bill to make they're going to arrive right. supporting this bill. polls show get now all the gametime.
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he'll share the final vote on thursday. whone forgotter defactor challenged with two genocide and put on the trial. they got guatemala. it's a giant step forward for the country and it's a your system. so the next time he is being held for genocide in his own country butt. .n gat mall >> clues are not fair beloit the serfass. >> bodies are still identify. remind people of time pressed. these days is not just because and they cal actualed up. we are demanding that it continues in your daddy's
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footstep. they decide who should hear the case. >> justice lfer comes to us. >> yes, he still sees power of 1992. he allows to kill, rape and storge the si vainians. >> the yort of the oh. but doving into the past can be con past. at marks like this you can find gat man lan's from everything in society. rule, urban, middle-class and pour and while the unanimous committee have been unanimous. people here here in guatemala have nixed fillings. this
11:42 pm
>> i they we should do is leave this funs because when we just someone or we sometimes make mistakes. >> mario remembers seeing cruntri sight. he said the government node to to quss on your dade argument. >> they should leave the past alone. more people are getting killed today than during the civil war. they believe that even though the case brippings up painful memories. >> this is not a political lynching. it's about female paying for the tropssis i could feel. they will continue trying to unnerve fast. yr and i went into the ar lidge on the one.
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the 51-year-old was knee deposit in wear. he's at the hospital. offering from deep, it is in a table condition. and in the gam hood i don't have trucks. e has a racial seg gation. -- second gation. >> these five although students are lifelong friends. now they're about to change history. they've organized a high school dance, the first time that's ever happened here. same guys that played football together black and white and his tannic and other. they dreep them the same. locker room.
11:44 pm
and so it's like what's going to kill them about going to prom thanks. thanks. no smanks. > the documents from a sitchle and it's like living in two different roles. you have -- i have our world. they have their rorled and the two basically do not mingle. . rejudice rups deep and james it's hard to children. and they said go out and celebrate. do not come back here. >> you come back here to visit. not to me. there are feels like the kind of place the simp i bases. i think it's perfect there for although students to show. but but through the actions you'd be organizing a bad
11:45 pm
change as it is. come on. come on. come on. [laughter] >> but thr these students, the appear situation isn't an you can't make change without a fons. it's just the way the world works. judging by ticket sales they ay just make a difference. >> running for a special eason. >> still to come the west bank holds a prong political leader. and also in sport a bad day about ferrari. i have all the details coming up.
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>> welcome back.
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the occupied west bank has held its first official marathon. the organizers say they want the race to highlight the limits on where palestinians can travel. our correspondent has that story. >> for the first time and for just a few hours, it is these runners who own this land, the occupied west bank has held its first official marathon, the so call right to movement race had this message. >> that we can all run in palestine despite the difficulties and despite the political situation. >> it's a unique location that brings with it a unique set of challenges. the run loops four times around bethlehem the birthday of jesus. because of its control over a nearby land, there's not enough space to do a straight 42-run. out.rathoners will run
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>> sadly the second problem was that 14 of the runners are from gaza and they weren't allowed to come into beth le ham. >> that's because israel said ey wouldn't meet the criteria. from 23 different countries. >> they brave the cold to wind through the narrow streets. one of the old cities in the world. kaitlin mcgee, "al jazeera." >> let's take a look at fort from around the globe. >> thank you very much. apologize for what he's dripes -- and the incident occurred during the second half of swatters clashing with chelsea
11:49 pm
deferneds. the club and football are set to review the moving footage. it was bad for seven games in a biting game in a i will review as a club because there's certainly nobody bitter than this football club. football is how it works. you know, of course, there's wonderful talent here's but show the best part an other clubs. if you ever lost a player you think you can't replace him in the next one. . e standards at the first >> suarez has been speaking on twitter. he sweeted i am sad. and old football world for my inexcusable about it.
11:50 pm
for the game itself they they scored an equalizer as late as the 27th minute. and the champion league. pop them bifrpbls. they mean it might be united states. they wound purse, be lynna hunt for a top four finish. i have a different in case you want to be look at them. he's all you know, objective. >> and could be the decider. >> insmithe the finish second in the league. victory at kept three around three. start letting go. edging to a one mile win. they play it well.
11:51 pm
ever closer to a second straight italian leg all the time. one more to go 11.9 player at the tim:. that was. they're in the third and final champions leg. >> he may remain nirs after seven goals. they got primo out to the 33 to allow claut back in the semmer game with a brilliant score. you have him plushing. they're just commind us in understanding. she ded a three game and knows three people. come on. call that 6-6.
11:52 pm
he hasn't dominated the derain dibio wana. been t travis has confines. it's rell defended. there's a i know that didn't start in poll position. once it goshesesory first live country. sometime our vote wasn'ted a goosed a they're vote. their time.
11:53 pm
mercedes, hughes he's now third in the championship. not a good day for ferrari though. he came home and ate. d they finished second and third. can you ride in the base or in the overall stand lings. as to use the house. from south to finish. go w get involve and then from there look after the title. and the pace was very phenomenal. just seems to get better and better. to foin way to cam chur. . >> world number one over djokovic has ended rafael ma dal's eight rirn.
11:54 pm
came up on sunday's big relationship,. winning the first. on high break. >> i'm very thrilled. i'm full of joe at this moment. i beat the best player ever in the history of this place. and we all know how good his record was and he looked new wing once and i'm just -- so happy because it's not the biggest overnurn the world but for me it's wurn of the most important. >> tens of thousands of people have taken part in the city third robert gain.
11:55 pm
they took a moment of silence to reap the victims. the second time having won it in 2012. marquez has become the youngest rider. , he takes the checkered flag. that's the spornts. >> a private u.s. firm showsen by nasa to the go to the international space station has its first such light. >> four, three. o into it.
11:56 pm
>> the rocket lifted up after two further attempts. one was canceled because of technical problems. another one due to strong wins. > but you're sign. whichever
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